COVID 19 - Updated 24 March


As we approach the exit of the third UK lockdown, and prepare to re-open our ranges on 29 March 2021, it is important that we remember this awful virus has not yet gone away. As more and more of us receive our vaccinations, the odds begin to stack in our favour, but not yet.

From Monday 29 March, ITSC will re-open its ranges for the shooting enjoyment of our members. Some of the restrictions we have had in place over 2020 will need to remain in place, so here's a reminder for Club members and those interested in joining. 

For the main range, capacity is limited to 4 shooters and the air range is limited to 4 shooters on any one occasion. For external ranges, archery, shotgun, practical, these ranges are not limited in numbers, but care must be taken to ensure adequate social distancing.

Here are some key safety and public health reminders for all members which are covered in detail in the documents but which would benefit from re-enforcing here:

1. If you or anyone in your household has any COVID 19 symptoms, you should not come to the range. You should self-isolate as covered in government guidance. Stay at home - protect others.

2. If you have been advised by the NHS to shield on clinical grounds, please stay away from the range. We do not want anybody taking unnecessary risks by coming to the Club. Stay at home - protect yourself.

3. Face coverings in the main and air ranges is compulsory for shooters and range officers. If you do not bring face masks/coverings with you, you will not be allowed to shoot.

4. Social distancing of ideally 2 metres, and never within 1 metre,  must be observed at all times including in the open areas of the Club. 

5. Hand sanitisation points are provided for members to use before and after shooting.

6. New surface cleaning protocols after shooting are in place, and shooters are required to assist with this.

7. Crucially, if you become unwell after your shooting with any COVID 19 symptoms, please inform the club so other shooters from the same group can be advised to self-isolate.

The documents on this page are very detailed and long. The nature of the changes we had to make initially means sharing with you the new approaches and restrictions. These restrictions have been imposed to allow members to enjoy their shooting, albeit on a limited basis.

Please make sure we all play our part in making this work in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Until we see you at the range, take care and stay safe.

Chris Clingham – ITSC Chairman