Sunday 13th October 2019 from 9.00am to 12.00 Noon
This is the fourth year that we will be competing for the Norman Bush Challenge Cup. The three previous winners were Ben, Bob and Bill.
Who will be the next Challenge Cup winner?
Looking at the history it’s got be 
somebody with a name starting with a “B” – It could be me, I can only dream! Last year’s competition was themed around two targets an “Odd and Evens” target and a “Dart Board” target. The winner with a very impressive score of 141 points was Bill, followed in second place by Andy with a score of 45 points, and in third place Nathan with a score of 37 points.  
As you are aware, Norman’s great passion was shooting at targets at the 50m point, so to reflect his passion and to test his shooting colleagues' abilities, Bill and I have devised another 50m competition using two sets of targets which are shown in the write-up along side. 
Remember as Norman would say “there are no excuses for missing the target”. Although when testing this competition, I had several excuses….