It is with great sadness that we heard in November of the loss of one of our members, Martyn Scruton. During these difficult times of COVID-19, the loss of anyone is a very difficult burden to bear. We were honoured that three members of the club committee were able to join Martyn's family and friends at his funeral on Monday 23 November at the Cambridge Crematorium.
The following is an extract from the service which tells Martyn's story:

"Martyn came into the world in Germany on the 28th August 1974. He was one of a pair of twin boys who were born on a British army camp and he grew up alongside his twin brother Andrew. Martyn also had a younger brother Steven though it was much later it life that he got to know him. The young family were fostered, the twins stayed together and owing to circumstances around the foster, Steven grew up with another family. Much later in life an attempt was made to try and find Martyn’s birth Mother but sadly she had passed away by this time.

Tom & Terri were the foster parents who raised Martyn and his twin brother Andrew. Both boys had some wonderful experiences growing up, the pair were members of North Allerton Steel Band for a number of years. The music theme continued through Martyn’s life and for a time he was a choir boy. Another interest that he shared with Andrew was disco dancing and the two of them apparently have medals to show for their efforts on the dancefloor during their youth!

At a young age Martyn joined the British Army himself and he served his time as a Military Clerk. It was a short spell of employment for Martyn and he was medically retired after just 20 months. Not long after this he began his Nurse training to become a Psychiatric Nurse. He was midway through the training when he met Mandy and so quit the course to go and live with her in Bath where she was studying at University. In 1998, two years after meeting they married and their lives blessed with two girls Amy & Chloe. Although they were to later divorce in 2010 Martyn and Mandy stayed on good terms for their daughters and Martyn truly was a very loving Dad. During the course of their marriage they enjoyed annual holidays to Flamingo land where the most incredible & happy memories were made.

In 2005 Martyn was involved in an accident at work that some thirteen years later led to the amputation of his leg. With sheer determination he got on with learning to walk again & a prosthesis meant he was able to wear trousers again, something he was particularly proud of. There was a bit of black humour that came into play when he got the prosthesis and he would often prank the girls that he was about to fall over on his crutches or that they had stood on his toe!

After his divorce, Martyn’s daughters Amy & Chloe very much became his world. He really was a terrific Dad who had all the time in the world for them. He had a fish tank he kept and so on their weekend visits to see their Dad the girls often went to Pets at Home to find another fish for the tank. More often than not there would be a McDonald’s treat on the way back. At home they watched Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars together, sometimes staying up until 3am with Amy to watch TV together. Whenever something scary came on TV he never missed an opportunity to make Amy jump!

Monopoly was usually the game of choice for the three of them and Martyn made sure that he took time to teach his daughters valuable lessons, one’s that no-one else did. He also attempted to play Fortnight, which he wasn’t so good at! Egg bagels were something of a firm favourite to eat and Martyn and the girls would boil up pans full of eggs to make this delicacy they loved. They also had a shared love of tea, which they loved to drink together.

As well as anything else Martyn was a fun Dad; he always had time for a silly joke. To keep the laughter going he would tickle them, relentlessly. He was so very proud of both daughters and never missed the opportunity to tell them so. Each day with them ended in lots of hugs and kisses and he never afraid to tell them just how much he loved them.


Some weekends Martyn would be invited round to Mandy’s where, along with her new partner, they would all enjoy a Sunday dinner together. The day usually ended with a game of monopoly with the girls.

The year 2017 was to be a particularly good year for Martyn. It was the year that his brother Steven finally got to meet him. Steven and his family had been searching for Martyn & Andrew for 16 years. It was a happy reunion and Steven was thrilled at having found Martyn and course the girls, who also got to meet new cousins. It was as though there had never been any time or distance between them, they felt that they had known one another all of their lives.

In nature Martyn is remembered as a very sociable man, he loved to chat and would talk to anyone! He was also incredibly funny. He had an absolute heart of gold and was always first in line if anyone needed help. He was skilled at fixing phone screens and mending watches. You didn’t really need to ask, he almost always had either a screen protector or watch battery in a drawer somewhere.

Latterly Martyn suffered some major difficulties in his life which appeared to be all encompassing. Although this appeared to be a massive force to be reckoned, love was an even greater one. The one thing that endured him was the love for his family, particularly Amy & Chloe. Behind it all, deep down, was a man who had such a capacity to love and to be loved.

There are many of you who shared in the high points of Martyn’s journey and it is hoped that these are the memories you will hold on to. Make today an occasion for remembering the love and affection that you had for him and know that there’s a place inside the heart where love lives always and where the good times can never be forgotten."

Our deepest condolences go to Martyn's family and friends, and he will always be remembered with great fondness at the club.