It is with great sadness that we have to report to members another terribly sad loss in recent weeks. Ros Chopin - John passed away on 2 October following complications from heart surgery.
Ros and her husband Victor have been members for many years and will be well known to our weekday shooters. Victor had these words to share with us:

"This is the worst time in my life.  I have lost my most precious, loving, soulmate and treasure in Ros. We were just one person and always did everything together, shopping, visiting, shooting. Ros was always on my arm and by my side day and night. I have just lost half of me and feel  devastated and totally at a loss without her.

I have tried to put together something which might give people the kind and generous person Ros was. She was always ready to help others before herself even when it meant she missed out shooting. We both loved this club and it was great shame that we joined only a few years ago when Ros was getting unwell. and we missed our best years of shooting. Please use all or as few of the pics as you please. One of them includes me if you think it appropriate.

As I shall be giving up shooting please let me know who/where to send my range keys to, and please keep the £20 deposit towards the club. I would also like to give a small donation to the club as I was so pleased to be a member of such a lovely friendly club. It is such a pity that we have to resign but I just could not continue shooting without my Ros. I know that Ros and I both wish that ITSC goes from strength to strength with both our blessings." 

Our heartfelt sympathies go to Victor, their children and grandchildren, and Ros's friends both in the club and further afield. 


Tribute to Ros who passed away at the beginning of last October

Ros was born in London at the end of the blitz with no electricity or running water. They had to go out to the water truck with saucepans and collect water. From those early days she showed an interest in shooting but from the early seventies she began to take it up seriously.

Ros joined the GB South East Region squad and shot for them against other counties and in France. In the seventies she met Victor who was also in the squad. From then they both shot in most of the national annual competitions like the Anno Domini at Bisley and they were both members of other shooting clubs.

Ros and Victor were a partnership, they shot together, sat on committees together and knew each other for 45 years. When they were married, they had three children, Matthew, Adrian and Eleanor and five grandchildren.

Ros joined the MLAGB in 1992 and enjoyed shooting alongside Victor and in her own right in  breechloading and pistol shooting. All who knew Ros certainly appreciated all the support she gave them and particularly the young shooters both at her home club and away when shooting at international events when Victor was GB Team Captain.

Ros sat on the Council of Management  of the MLAGB in an official capacity for about 5 years, but aside from that, she offered excellent and sensible guidance and advice based on her own expertise drawn from her own experience in shooting and role as a qualified Muzzle Loading pistol Coach.

Ros supported charities in her spare time, which was greatly appreciated by those who knew her. She helped coaching the GB Junior Rifle team some years ago and spent most of her spare time helping others and regularly shooting in spite of holding a senior job in her company.

Ros and Victor joined ITSC six years ago and were Range Officers. Ros really enjoyed shooting at the club because she was able to practice and compete with friends. Mostly on a Tuesday Ros would enjoy the company of other black powder shooters Liz and Douglas with good humoured competition and a nice pub lunch afterwards.

ITSC was Ros’s favourite club out of others which she was or had been a member. She always said it was a club that was really supported by genuine shooters without the usual politics which tended to spoil other clubs. Everyone she met were nice and friendly and the club was run excellently. She tried to support the club as much as possible but the distance from home was over 85 miles and therefore took a while to drive there.

In the last eighteen months Ros developed heart trouble and had to give up competitive shooting. Her problems persisted and she became so ill she couldn’t cope with the long drive or holding up heavy guns and she got weaker and  eventually she passed away last October.

Victor is totally devastated and has given up shooting altogether. He wishes the club all the very best and  he will miss the happy days at ITSC and shooting there with his beloved soul mate and most precious person Ros .