We now offer a Practical pistol/rifle range for CO2 powered air weapons - DO NOT CONFUSE WITH AIRSOFT when purchasing. They must only be able to fire lead pellets or steel BB's. (0.177 - 4.5mm) - if in doubt please contact the club.

There are many different models to choose from and can be found online or at your local gunshop.

The energy limit for these weapons is 6 ft/lbs (8.1 joules) for pistols and 12 ft/lbs (16.2 joules) for rifles which is the maximum allowed.

All shooters must wear eye protection at all times including the RCO (range conducting officer).

Practical Airgun sessions will be held on the first and third Sunday of the month from 10am onwards.

There are two club guns that can be used by guests - a Beretta 92 pistol and a H&K MP5 rifle.

Please note : We do not shoot AIR SOFT GUNS as the club is not licensed for these.