We also offer the dynamic marksmanship discipline of Practical Shotgun which requires a blend of accuracy, power and speed so that shooters acquire that winning combination.

Practical Shotgun has a record of being an extremely safe sport operated under the auspices of the UKPSA - we are affiliated members of the UKPSA.

A normal course of fire will include steel plates, "shoot/no shoot" targets, 'pepper poppers' and occasionally paper targets.

Most targets will be engaged from a range of 5 to 25 metres, and are engaged from a variety of positions including prone, sitting, crouching/squatting, kneeling and standing. The idea is to engage the target(s) from different positions in the shortest possible time. This does involve movement although moving and firing at the same time (taking more than one pace) is forbidden. It is down to the individual skill of the shooter on how to approach the targets, which to engage, where and when within the safety arcs. 

Commonly, competitors will use self loading or pump action shot guns with magazines containing between seven and fourteen rounds (Section 1 shotguns). Section 2 shotguns can be used but, because of the limited magazine capacity, they are at a disadvantage. We can accommodate all of these shotgun types whether single barrel, over under or side by side Section 2, and high capacity Section 1 shotguns. 

Section 1 shotguns can only be handled by Section 1 certificate holders.

Practical Shotgun operates on the first and third Sunday of every month.