Six shoots already completed since the beginning of the year, and another fifteen in the plan.  Fifty nine spaces already enjoyed by a wide range of experienced and new shooters, with no fewer than 9 non-Safe Shooter Card holders attended and coached on the day of their shoots. 

The shoot on 29 March actually turned out to be a bit of a coaching fest, with no fewer than 5 inexperienced long range shooters attending and being supervised and coached by more experienced Club members.

There's a further 166 spots planned for the rest of the year, and there's still space available -  29 of them to be precise. Check the dates on this page, and get yourself signed up. Earliest space availability is 21 May, which shows just how popular these days are so get signed up soon. All Saturday dates are FULL, so only weekday shoots now available. 

Keep an eye on your emails for updates on availability, and get your name on the list to go.

Good and safe shooting ....