Long Range shoots 2020

And a new year brings a whole new set of long range shoots for 2020, and we are spoilt for choice and very lucky to have such a large number of dates to enjoy.

We have 34 dates in the calendar for 2020 including 17 shoots at Bisley, 4 shoots at Euston, 6 at Barton Road and 7 at Thetford, providing no fewer than 430 spaces for our members to enjoy shooting at ranges from 100 yards to 1200 yards.

Not surprisingly though, spaces are going quickly, and the tables on this page show what's left for the year. If members want to sign-up for these shoots, please get in touch, and we can get you on.

For shoots at Bisley, ideally you should be in possession of a NRA Safe Shooter Certification card, but if not, we can provide one to one coaching to enable you to come along. If you don't have a suitable rifle, the Club does own a Sabatti STR rifle in .308 which is frequently used at long range shoots. Members are able to use this by request to the Club Armourer.

For shoots on MoD ranges, shooters must be in possession of a valid NRA Safe Shooter Certification card.   

Check the dates available, and get yourself signed up......