Target Shooting is one of the safest sports that you can enjoy. It is safer than football, cricket, golf and even fishing, but that doesn't happen by chance.

All shooters when joining our club will be given rigorous training in the safe use of a wide range of firearms, and must meet a very high standard of safety behaviour before you are allowed to handle firearms unsupervised.

The Club is currently re-writing an entire training regime for less experienced shooters to help develop the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to be a safe and competent shooter.

Until new shooters are passed to use firearms unsupervised, they must be strictly supervised on a one to one basis by qualified and experienced members of the Club.  

This is not done to be awkward, it is done to give you the best introduction and induction into shooting in the Club environment. We have an excellent track record on safety, and want to keep it that way

It is every shooter's prime responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others on or off the range at all times to enable our sport to enjoy such high safety standards.

The Isle Target Sports Club will not sponsor the application for a firearms certificate until such times as these safety standards are met and maintained.

* Always treat any firearm as loaded

* Always keep any firearm pointed in a safe direction (down  range at all times)

* Make sure that you are fully familiar with any firearm before use

* Always check any firearm to ensure it is unloaded, even if you were the last person to use it

All firearms safety is a matter of common sense and good judgement, so use yours and be safe



Additional safety guidance and rules can be found throughout this site. For existing members and prospective members alike, please ensure you are fully familiar with these documents so you are properly and fully prepared to partake in the activities of our Club