Saturday 30 July 2022  saw our second Activity Day for 8 to 16 year old visitors wanting to try out the club. Offering the same three activities - archery, axes and airguns - we welcomed 14 young boys and girls to the Club on a warm Saturday morning for some new fun experiences.

As with the first of these sessions, we had more helpers than attendees - that's not a problem at all as we want to be totally sure that our visitors are properly and carefully supervised while they're at our Club. And we had a few more young ladies attending on this day - it's great to see the girls getting involved with something that is traditionally seen as male dominated.

No radio interviews this time, just 4 hours of fun doing new things, and lots of smiles, and some very tired children come the end of the day.

We have one more date for the summer - Friday 19 August - and we'll be doing it all again.


Tuesday 31st May 2022 - we held our first, and hopefully not our last, Activity Day for local children to come try out some of our outdoor activities.

Archery, Airguns and Axes was on the menu for our youngsters, who all appeared to have a great time. There were constant smiles, the sound of endless excited chatter, and Mums and Dads showing pride in their child's achievements trying something none of them had done before.

With an army of volunteers, safety as always was our top priority, and the entire day went off without a single incident, but with loads of very tired youngsters going home at the end of the day. Even the pouring rain couldn't dampen the spirits of our young visitors.

Feedback from parents has been fantastic. Beverley, who had two boys at the event wrote:

" We had the BEST day, not only because the activities on offer were very exciting but because all of the people running it were incredibly friendly and interesting. We learnt so much, thank you to every single one of you . Plus an extra thank you for answering all of my questions!"

Kate, who also had two boys with us wrote:

"The children say “It was amazing, best day ever!”. My husband, Craig really enjoyed it too. He said the whole thing was done brilliantly, the tuition for the kids and 121 supervision was great. The boys went to bed talking about how great the day was and have woken up talking about it! They can’t wait to come again!"

And during the day, we had a visit from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Johnny Devine who spent some time with us getting very wet !

We enjoyed an interview with Johnny which went out LIVE on the Jeremy Sallis Money Hour Show which included showing Johnny how to throw an axe - he was a natural ! The full interview can be heard HERE. 

A thoroughly excellent and enjoyable day with children, parents and helpers all having a great time.

Special thanks must go to the members who came along and helped out with all the activities - without your support we simply wouldn't be able to try these things.

Star of the day, after the youngsters that is, must surely be Ragnar. Hail Ragnar ! He walked around for hours in his best chainmail armour, showing the children how to throw those axes, and even gave a few sword fighting lessons when things were a little quieter. Hail Ragnar ! You were great !