The Club meets every Sunday morning with the occasional Saturday, but all the ranges can be used by arrangement on any day of the year except Christmas Day. Firearms can only be shot from 9.00am to 9.00pm (or dusk whichever is earlier).

Membership fees for 2020 are as follows:- 

*  Full Member (Firearms) - £130

*  Full Member Discounted - £85

*  Ordinary Member (Non-firearms) - £85

*  Ordinary Member Discounted - £55

*  Family or Junior Member £20 (For each family member over one normal cost). 

(Note: Family members means, Spouse, under 18's and those still in full time education). 

For new probationary members, you are expected to show both enthusiasm and responsibility towards the sport, and the NRA Probationary Course will be mandatory. This will be delivered in a modular format on a six-monthly cycle.

Once a probationary member has completed the six month probationary period, you must serve a further SIX MONTHS of FULL MEMBERSHIP before you can be assessed for a Safe Shooter Card or apply to become a Club RCO.

If you wish to join then please register your interest by clicking on Membership Enquiries at the bottom of the page, and provide all the information requested - we'll be in contact once you’ve done this. 

Please note an existing member must sponsor any new application. It is vitally important that we meet all potential members face to face to confirm a number of key bits of information, not least your identity. Attending one of our Guest Days is the perfect opportunity to do this. 

If you already hold a firearms certificate then you can join the club at the discretion of the club committee. If you do not have a firearms certificate then you must join as a probationary member and attend on a regular basis for a minimum period of six months to qualify for consideration by the club committee for full membership.