First step in joining our club is to come along to one of our Guest Days which we hold each month where non members and those without a firearms/shotgun certificate can handle firearms and ammunition. 

In accordance with Home Office requirements, all guests wishing to try out firearms need to contact the club using the guest application button on this page at least 7 days prior to the guest day date, and also present a correctly completed Section 21 Declaration - one of these will be sent to you once you have made contact with us using the guest day application facility. 

You will also need to bring along photographic identification like drivers licence, passport etc. There is a minimum age of 18 for guests wishing to handle firearms. There is a maximum of 5 guests allowed, and spaces are in high demand and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Uninvited/unexpected guests will be asked to leave so please don't chance just turning up.

Guests are politely advised that the taking of photos and video is strictly prohibited. Only Club officials may take photos/video for Club use.

Dates for the monthly Guest Days can be found on the Club Calendar. To request attendance at one of these, click the button below to contact our Membership Secretary who deals with these requests. All guest applications must use this process to attend a guest day.

For guest wishing to use club firearms, these are free to use but guest should please let us know in advance. Ammunition does however need to be paid for when using these firearms and is priced as follows:
.22 - £5.00 per 50 rounds (£1.00 per 10 rounds)

.223 - £32.50 per 50 rounds (£13.00 per 20 rounds)

.38 - £20.50 per 50 rounds (£9.00 per 20 rounds)

.357 - £27.50 per 50 rounds (£11 per 20 rounds)

.308 - £19.50  per 20 rounds (£9.75 per 10 rounds)

These are approximate costs and are liable to change without notice based on the prevailing costs at the time of your visit.

Firearms Guest Day Guide

We want your experience with us to be a great one, and we want you to remain safe at all times, so we've put together this little guide of what to expect while you are with us.

This is not an exhaustive document covering every eventuality in shooting, but it does provide you with some basic guidance on what you will be doing, and what you need to do to stay safe, and keep others safe while you’re here.

We understand that you will be excited and want to start your shooting straight away, but please take just a few minutes to read this guide - it may save you some pain further down the line.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your shooting time with us, and by staying safe, you’ll help us make that possible.

Have a great day.