what3words location - ///speedily.sofa.responses

We do not have a postcode for SatNav purposes. However, this w3w address will bring you right to the entrance track for our club


The interactive map below will give you directions to the main access road to the Club's range and facilities. Follow the track to the range.

If you're coming from the Ely direction towards Mepal on the A142 just past the roundabout for Sutton, as you drive past the far end of the treeline on the left of the road, there is a gap before two low bollards at the entrance to a public footpath. The entrance to the range is through a gate just after the bollards.

If you're coming from the Chatteris direction, the entrance will be on your right. The A142 on this stretch is very busy - please be aware of fast moving traffic at all times, before making your turn.

When you pass through the entrance proceed along the concrete track as indicated in RED on the photo below and the video footage.

Note: There is 10 MPH speed limit on the entire track to the range.
The use of the facilities at the Isle Target Sports Club, including the roadway to the Club, are undertaken entirely at the member's and visitor's own risk. No claim for loss, damage or theft of any kind will be accepted by the Club.