The Club has an active long range shooting section who hold monthly shoots on military ranges in the area for members who want to test their skills and their equipment at longer ranges.

The military ranges at Thetford provide two ranges, ETR (Electronic Target Range) and CGR (Converted Gallery Range). The ETR provides shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards on fall down Figure 11 and Figure 12 targets while the CGR provides shooting out to 600 yards on more traditional rising targets. Both ranges provide an excellent day’s shooting, and the long range group is growing in popularity. To take part, members must hold a current NRA Safe Shooter Certification Card.

Previous shoots can be found in the links to the right.

The NRA ranges at Bisley have also become the location for a growing number of shoots on weekdays for those who are lucky enough to have spare time during the week. These ranges provide a huge variety of facilities and the Club has mainly used Century and Stickledown ranges for shooting out to 1200 yards and at the Bisley Buffalo, a very large reactive metal target at 992 yards.

The videos on the right provide some idea of the types of activity the group is enjoying.

Our plans always include a number of visits to  Bisley for members on weekdays and weekends, including two dates for shooting out to 1200 yards.  


Special zeroing procedures exist for the use of High Muzzle Energy (HME) firearms and ammunition. The Bisley Bible clearly states that "downloading ammunition will not be accepted as a means to bring rounds that would otherwise exceed potential ME/MV values within limits". In simple terms this means that every HME rifle must follow the special zeroing procedure every time the rifle is used at Bisley irrespective of load.

Shooters also need to be aware that you cannot shoot HME rifles at Bisley/MOD ranges if they are not listed on the shooter's Safe Shooter Certification card.

Additionally, if you do not hold a SSC and you are shooting HME, you cannot be supervised by somebody who does have HME on their SSC. The NRA & MoD are very clear on this - in order to shoot HME on MoD and Bisley ranges, you must have HME on your Shooter's Certification Card.

A new requirement has been introduced for 2020 by the NRA for all ranges irrespective of type. NRA affiliated clubs using NRA ranges are now require to "The club will obtain confirmation that hand loaded ammunition used under the Club's supervision falls within the limits for the range." Therefore all shooters using hand loaded ammunition must bring suitable data with them to Bisley to confirm their loads are within range limits.

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