Tuesday 28 August 2018 – Club Shoot at Bisley

The second weekday club shoot at Bisley was fantastic and was great to see two younger members stretching their skills through the day. It was even commented on by another group of shooters at 1000 yards that it was great to see young people being encouraged and coached so well and supportively by the rest of the group.

Highlights this time were numerous, but particularly seeing the club Carl Gustav being put through its paces by Steve at 600 and 1000 yards. It really is a lovely rifle, and with a bit of additional coaching on the iron sights by Mark, Steve was on target straight away and hitting V Bulls as well.

Not bad for a rifle made 115 years ago, and not bad for a much younger Steve.

The young guns, Harry and Jake, performed admirably again even though it was Harry's first time at more than 50 yards. V Bulls were plentiful for both, and although there were some ammunition limitations at 1000 yards, both stuck to it like professionals and had a great day in the process.

One added bonus unexpectedly came our way, and take note here members - Bisley is apparently quite quiet on Tuesdays so we got a discount - £12 for a full day's shooting at the home of the NRA is all it cost us each - what a bargain !!

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Wednesday 26 September 2018 - Third Weekday Shoot at Bisley

This was the third weekday visit to Bisley with 8 members enjoying a fantastic day of varied shooting and challenges. New for all the shooters was the Bisley Buffalo, a monster of a metal bison suspended by chains from a large wooden frame at 992 yards from the firing point.

That’s easy I hear you think - no way, no way ! With limited/no reference point of where your round is landing except for a loud DONG transmitted through a speaker system on the firing point, it’s a lot harder than you’d think. But great fun when you find the spot and the range. DONG, DONG, DONG was heard from our group of hunters.

The day was more than that of course - we had a morning shooting at 600 yards on Century with .308s, .223s, .303s and even a 45-70 had a go with limited success. The afternoon saw our Buffalo hunt followed by 1000 yards with some great shooting for first time long range shooter, Nick who happily pulled out his first V-Bull towards the end of the day. And all for £15 per shooter - what better way to spend £15 ?!

There’s only time for one more of these weekday shoots before Christmas and 25th October is the date. 600 yards and 1000 yards have been booked, so if you want to try it out, email the club at (ITSC members only). It really is a great day !