SATURDAY 24 JUNE 2023 - One of the best days ever at the Club for one of the saddest reasons.

Our Shirley Seymour passed away in February after a fierce battle against a brain tumour. Her loss to her family and friends was huge and the gap she left in so many lives was enormous.

Shirley had always said she wanted to leave her body to medical science to teach students and doctors for the future. So,  there was no funeral for this lovely lady, but Stan wanted to do something special to remember the good times he and Shirley had along with friends and family, and so was born Shirley Day !

Family and friends came from miles away to enjoy a day of smiles, laughter, memories and in many cases, a day of trying new things.

Held at our club, we had archery, axe throwing, frisbees, bouncy castle, music, the biggest hog roast ever, airgun shooting and .22 rimfire shooting, all set up in the most fun (and funniest at times) competition of the year. 

We had an absolute blast and Stan was so delighted with the day that he used supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a thank you email to club members who helped on the day.

Shirley would have loved it, full of smiles and laughter, good chatter and full of love, all of the things she held dear.

God Bless you Shirley Seymour - you brought out the best in all of us.