Main Range Theme Days - Summer 2022 - This was Sniper Day


We have Home Office Approval for all classes of firearm. The firearms range has covered 25m and 50m firing points.

Gallery rifles, rimfire rifles (including sub 0.22 calibres), fullbore rifles and black powder rifles and pistols may be used on this range.

The Club has loan firearms in the form of a .22 rimfire, a .38 under-lever, a scoped .223 fullbore rifle, a splendid .308 Carl Gustav which is over 100 years old, and a new tactical Sabatti STR in .308 calibre. We also own a lovely RUGER Old Army .45 calibre blackpowder pistol to introduce members to the art of cap and ball revolvers. This year, we have acquired three additional firearms for our armoury. We now have two additional .22LR semi automatic rifles for members and guests to try, along with a classic .303 Lee Enfield No 4 rifle, the iconic British rifle of World War 2.

These can all be used by members by arrangement with the Club Armourer. The Club can also supply ammunition at very competitive rates. New members are well supported with coaching and formal training.

There is a healthy competition schedule for all disciplines throughout the year, and members are actively encouraged to take part in these whatever experience you have. 

The club regularly hires ranges for those members that hold fullbore rifles and wish to shoot at longer distances