Saturday 21 July saw the second of ITSC's long range events held at the military range at Thetford, and it has to be said, it was even better than the first one.

We're taking nominations for the next event to be held in September, so if you'd like to try this out, sign up for the September shoot - you won't regret it !

Feedback from July's shoot came from:

Peter - I was a first time longer range shooter on the first event and I was apprehensive having only shot at 100m max before. This second visit was great..
I can only say the support and willingness to help (as usual at the club range) quickly dispelled any newbie nerves. If you are thinking maybe / maybe not all I can say is that it’s good to see what you and your rifle are capable of in a friendly, no pressure environment. Sign up you will not regret it!!!

PS thank you to the team that make these days happen - another reason to support the events as it has taken a lot of effort and commitment (possibly bloody mindedness too) for us to have this opportunity- where else can you have a days varied shooting for £25????

Mark - Another great day. A big thank you to Rex, Stan, Colin, Richard, Charles, Matthew, Mel, Darren, Chris D, Chris C, Graham, Corbie, Philip, Hugh, Daryl, Barry, Brad, Andy, Andrew, Pete, Roger, Finn, Steve, Mick, Aaran, Heather and anyone else I missed.
Thank you all for attending, setting up, running and more importantly, shooting and acting safely. It makes it so much easier to run the range.

Steve - Great day even in the butts.

Andy - Awesome day. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to arrange it.

Chris - Nice one guys ! Big, big thanks to Rex, Mark, Heather, Aaran, Mick and Colin for running the day and sacrificing their own shooting time so the rest of us could have a great day. Excellent day, great company, fantastic shooting and really looking forward to more numbers as this grows.

Finn - Another cracking day at Thetford on Saturday. I can only echo Pete’s comments, it’s a great environment to have a go at longer range shooting, give it a go, you’ll love it. And a huge thanks to Rex and all the other members of the team who weren’t shooting and made it all happen for those of us that were. I can’t think of many better ways to spend a day!


Stan - Love Chris’s film epic and echo Peter's thoughts - give it a try, you will love it. One word of warning, double check your gear ! Don’t do as I did and forget to pack the magazines for your rifles ! Nothing new for me - went to an Archery tournament without my Bow. You can imagine the pee-taking was of a good standard ! 

The shooter's list for the next event, SATURDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER, is now open. To get your name on the list, please answer these 4 short questions in this little survey

For those who haven't tried anything longer than the 25m & 50m ranges at the Club, and feel a little intimidated by the longer distances, ask any of the shooters from this last event, and they'll tell you just how good a day it was. You get loads of support and guidance if that's what you want.