Saturday 16 June saw the first of ITSC's long range events held at the military range at Thetford, and what a great day it was too. 

Messages of thanks came in abundance:

Malcolm - I would just like to say a big thank you for a great days shooting. Thank you to Mark, Heather, Tony, Mick and Aaran and everyone else involved in arranging this for us. Roll on the next one.

Steve - Great day and the weather held out

Matthew - Thanks from me too. Fantastic day!

Chris - Excellent day with great people. Thanks to everyone who worked their nuts off to bring this to us. Keep yourselves clear for Saturday 21 July !!!

Daryll - Yep, totally agree, great day, thanks to all who organised and helped

Peter - Yep well done and thank you to all who made this happen - a great days shooting !

Colin - A good day. Due to eyes and back pain I know my days of prone shooting are over but I'll be at the next one to work the butts. Anyone want to buy a No 4?

Finn - A huge thank you and hats off to the committee members who put in so much work over the last year or so to get the long range days at the Thetford military range up and running. The first outing yesterday was terrific, and everyone there seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. The longest range I’d shot at before was 400yd and that was 35 years ago, so to see my first shot at 600yd neatly on target was a moment to savour. So also a huge thank you to the officers on the day who made everything happen. Awesome! It was a great success and I can’t wait for the next one!

The shooter's list for the next event, SATURDAY 21ST JULY, is now open. To get your name on the list, please answer these 4 short questions in this little survey

For those who haven't tried anything longer than the 25m & 50m ranges at the Club, and feel a little intimidated by the longer distances, ask any of the shooters from this last event, and they'll tell you just how good a day it was. You get loads of support and guidance if that's what you want.