We had our first shoot at Euston Estate on Saturday 1 June, and it was a fantastic day. Sixteen members shooting at steel targets and 4'x4' target boards was just the perfect alternative to the long drive to Bisley. And the beautiful weather and surroundings was something to behold.

The shoot on Thursday 27 June was fantastic - great weather, excellent company and some really good shooting. And this was followed by another great shoot on Saturday 20 July when 20 members, including six first time attendees, had a great day banging away at the steels and paper targets, and most importantly, the weather which was threatening thunder storms for days before, was very kind to us, and gave us a light sprinkling of rain that lasted about 20 seconds and that was it.

That's it now for Euston for 2019 - they close for shooting on the range in September, and so we now need to wait to next year before we can shoot there again.

Four dates have already been submitted, so we wait to see what bookings we'll get next year. Thanks to everyone who came along and made the shoots so successful.