15 July - new items for sale listed

5 July - new video added to Airguns page

28 June - provisional MoD dates published for shoots at Thetford and Barton Road

26 June - new videos on Offsite Shoots, Guest Days, and Videos

1 June - Wanted items added to For Sale section

24 May - new For Sale pages launched. Pistols, Rifles, Airguns, Shotguns, Other Items

17 May - new items for sale 

6 May - new videos added to Archery, Offsite shoots and Videos pages

27 April - new videos added to off-site shoots page. New video of probationary member session added to Videos page

21 April - new items available on the For Sale page

24 March - updated COVID rules published, offsite shoots in News 

21 March - new items listed on the For Sale page

22 October - new video added to Guest Days page. Guest Day dates for 2021 uploaded

20 October - updated documents relating to COVID-19 processes and RO commands

15 October - Norman Bush Challenge Cup 2020 added to New Competitions page

6 October - new Health, Safety & Environment Policy uploaded to Rules page

25 September - new video added to Videos page

21 September - new page added on 100m Range vote

11 September 2020 - new video, Work in Progress, added to Firearms page

9 September 2020 - new video, Practical Magic,  added to Practical page

5 September 2020 - new items listed for sale

20 July 2020 - New COVID RO list published, and new videos on Bisley page